LGBT Resources

Capital City Pride

Capital City Pride- Des Moines, Iowa, is a group of proactive individuals who are striving to recognize the importance of gay culture in the Midwest. The annual Pride celebration, held the second weekend in June every summer, consists of a street party, a parade, and a show with all types of community exhibitors and musical performances! Our mission is to promote acceptance, tolerance, and understanding of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community through education, programming, and visibility.

Fri.-Sun., June 10-12, 2016

Eychaner Foundation

This non-profit is committed to promoting tolerance and non-discrimination. For example, in December 2011 the Eychaner Foundation launched and has been instrumental in the creation of the Iowa Pride Network and the GLBT Youth In Iowa Schools Task Force.

For information on anti-bullying, coming out, scholarships, and student organizations, go to :

The Eychaner Foundation also sponsors Iowa's Matthew Shepard Scholarship for LGBT students which pays tuition, books, and fees at one of Iowa's three state universities: ISU, U of I, or UNI. Each scholarship is renewable annually for up to four years upon evidence of academic progress, continued service to the LGBT community and an interview with the scholarship committee. For more info, go to:

Iowa Pride Network

This state-wide non-profit works directly with students, helping empower them to start and enhance Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) in their high schools and colleges, while building a statewide network that offers support, mentoring, educational, advocacy and networking opportunities.

Iowa Safe Schools: Protect Kids. Stop Bullies

The mission of Iowa Safe Schools is to: a) improve school climate in order to increase the personal safety, mental health, and student learning of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied (LGBTA) and all other students; b) increase awareness and understanding among current and future educators, school administrators, and key community agents of inequities regarding the safety of LGBTA students and their family member(s) in schools and communities throughout Iowa.  Iowa Safe Schools also seeks to empower these key actors with effective, research-based tools and strategies to combat intolerance and safety inequities.

One Iowa

This non-profit supports full equality for LGBT individuals living in Iowa through grassroots efforts and education. For example, in 2012, One Iowa launched a new public education initiative called Why Marriage Matters Iowa to shift the conversation from politics back to people. It is focused on having meaningful conversations in every corner of the state about the importance of marriage, love, commitment, and family and working with supporters to give them the tools to take this conversation to their communities. For more information:

Other Links

Equality Iowa: This web site has a wide variety of links to Iowa LBGT resources.

The GLBT Resource Page: Some of the best national resources on the Internet to help GLBT people and their allies get informed, empowered, and active. Topics include: News & Media, Organizations, Legal, Elected Officials, Colleges, and Other.